Academic Journals and Societies

Journal of Finance: Journal of Finance
JFE: Journal of Financial Economics

JFQA: Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis
RAPS: Review of Asset Pricing Studies
RFS: Review of Financial Studies

Financial Media

Bloomberg: Financial news, issues
Business-Ethics: Business social responsibilities, business ethics
BusinessWeek: Financial news, columns, analytics
Career-in-Business: Job description in Finance and other fields
CFO: Current issues faced by CFOsGoogle Finance: Stock quotation, financial news
Wall Street Journal: The most popular business newspaper
Yahoo! Finance: Stock quotation, financial news

Professional Institutions

Dow Jones: Dow Jones & Co., DJIA
FED St. Louis: FRED®: An economic time-series database
Moody’s: Bond rating
: Mutual fund ratings
Nasdaq: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
New York Stock Exchange: NYSE
S&P: Standard and Poor’s
SEC: Securities & Exchange Commission
Value Line: Investment analysis, surveys

Learning Finance

FinanceProfessor: Learning finance via internet
MoneyChimp: Learning finance via internet
TeachMeFinance: Learning finance via internet

Useful Tools

Calculator: Windows-based multi-functional calculator
Texas Instruments BAII Plus: Online product support
Financial Calculator: An emulator developed by P. Lutus
Time Value of Money Calculator: An emulator developed by M.A. Lane
Mortgage Calculator: By Allen Tate

Fixed Income

Living Yield Curve
Federal Funds Rate
WSJ Bond Quotes
Barclays Bond Indexes

Finance Movies

Wall Street
Barbarians at the Gate
Inside Job
Margin Call
Rogue Trader
Boiler Room
The Wolf of Wall Street
Capitalism: A Love Story
Wall Street Warriors
The Corporation
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
Too Big to Fail
Other People’s Money
Working Girl
Trading Places
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps


Worldwide Finance Faculty Directory
Finance Site List
Pierluigi Balduzzi
David Chapman
Wayne Ferson
Edie Hotchkiss
Chung-Ming Kuan
Alan Marcus
Jacob Sagi